Depression and The Weather - a great reminder!

We are celebrating Recovery Month with stories of success in treatment and recovery.

Let's celebrate Recovery Month with stories of success!

Celebrating National Recovery Month, Celebrating Recovery

September has been designated "National Recovery Month" by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (known as SAMHSA and usually pronounced "Sam'-shuh"). Everyone is encouraged to "celebrate recovery" with some priority during September. Great idea!

We work hard throughout the year fighting addiction, including advocating for those who need help with substance abuse and addiction disorders. It is endless but rewarding work, much like an individual recovery.

Sometimes, it is important to reflect on our SUCCESS, and rejoice in the recovery so many have achieved in their lives.

Desperate for Help in Depression

We love this one.... it's a story that has been recognized quite a bit for its impact, but deserves retelling for those who haven't seen it. The story retold by Letters of Note recounts how a writer suffering depression sought out help from Stephen Fry, a well known writer who had also suffered (and apparently defeated) serious depression.

The letter was a call for help to a distant hero, who was not known personally, but admired.

In substance abuse treatment circles, we know that this sort of depression can be debilitating and heart wrenching, and is often one of the primary drivers of an individual's using drugs or alcohol, which of course can bring on the deadly complications of addiction disorder.

It Will Be Sunny One Day

Mr. Fry did a wonderful job responding. He noted that he can't pretend to know how to help, but that he could share some of what helped him, with reassurances that things do change, get better, the circumstances are not the fault of the depressed, and often completely outside of the person's scope of control. And then he describes what helped him... thinking of the weather.

Stephen Fry's excellent response "It Will Be Sunny One Day" read the full letter at Letters of Note

Exploring Real Stories of What Made the Difference

We treat substance abuse disorders, addiction, and the many varied co-occurring disorders commonly associated with addiction and substance abuse disorders. During September, we want to explore and highlight the thoughts and actions that "finally worked" for individuals who have achieved success in recovery.

There's no substitute for qualified, profession treatment help and community support, but the road to recovery requires personal work and commitment that is guided and supported. Recovery is an ongoing process that requires real work, every day, taking one day at a time.

Please follow along as we explore this theme, and encourage everyone to help Celebrate Recovery during September. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to our RSS feed as we update throughout the month.

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