Drug Detox in Atlanta

Detox off Pain Pills, Anxiety Meds, Sleeping Pills, Heroin, Other Meds and Street Drugs

Don't let fear of withdrawal sickness keep you using. We know how to ensure your comfort.

At Sunrise Detox, you start your recovery in a comfortable, dignified atmosphere. Stay in your room for privacy, or walk about the facility. Relax in one of our comfortable lounges, or sit by one of the large architectural windows. For a change of pace, visit the outdoor patio lounge. Enjoy some time in a wooden rocking chair.

This is not a country club, but we believe you deserve the greatest chance possible to start a strong recovery, and we are willing to help you every step of the way. State-of-the-art medical protocols combined with excellent attentive care from techs and nurses means you don't have to worry about the progression of withdrawal, or complications from detox.