Drug and Alcohol Treatment starts at Sunrise Detox in Alpharetta

Treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol starts with a 3-10 day medical detox, before starting rehab or an outpatient treatment program. Often it is the initial detox experience that sets the stage for recovery, and Sunrise Detox Alpharetta represents the finest "detox with dignity" for the best start of a successful recovery.

Over 800 treatment centers have sent their patients to Sunrise Detox for medical detox before rehab. Over 35,000 families have trusted Sunrise Detox for safe, comfortable, medically-supervised detox, many choosing to start themselves at Sunrise, before choosing a residential rehab program.

Get help for opiate addiction, pain killer addiction, unsafe or unwanted dependency on presciption medications, alcohol, or other drugs. Get help by making a call and speaking with one of our experienced admissions coordinators.