Today's Menu, with Positivity & Personality

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs? Nope... but how about Caesar Salad and Gourmet Pizza with a side of hopeful positivity?

Sunrise Detox Alpharetta is a residential medical detox center for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependency. Our guests check in for somewhere between 3 and 10+ days, for the Sunrise "Detox with Dignity" program. The Alpharetta Detox Center was custom built to provide a top level of comfort and guest services, integrated with the best medical and substance abuse treatment services, and food is a very important part of that.

Food is so important to our guests that Marck, one of the Kitchen Magicians at
Sunrise Detox in Alpharetta, maintains a morning whiteboard announcing the
day's menu and kitchen staff. It can get quite colorful!

Food is More than Nutrition

Nutrition is very important during detox, since neglected bodies have significant nutritional needs that must be met for both comfort and health reasons. Drinking heavily for years takes a toll on the body. A lifestyle of using can be very taxing. Detox can be much easier when supported by proper nutrition.

Our kitchen staff work very hard to coordinate with nutritionists and the clinical staff, to deliver the right food for our guests. But food is so much more than just "nutrition".

Food Shouldn't Be Boring

We want our guests to be as comfortable as possible, so they can focus solely on the personal challenge at hand : succeeding in detox. But food can't be boring, either. "What's on the menu today" is an important topic for guests, many of whom are experiencing a return of taste and smells they have not appreciated for months or even years.

With guests at all stages of their own early recovery, each working on their own individual detox from their own personal history of substance use, the Daily Menu is a popular topic of conversation. Food is often one of those things we all share, and dining is often a favorite activity. Far more than just nutrition - food also represents a basis for community building.

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