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Depression and The Weather - a great reminder!

We are celebrating Recovery Month with stories of success in treatment and recovery.

Celbrating Recovery Month at Sunrise Detox. A writer suffering depression sought out help from Stephen Fry, a well known writer who had also suffered serious depression. We love his answer!"

WalMart DisposeRx Free Prescription Medicine Disposal Gel

We think it's great to hear another company that profits in proportion to the volume of drugs sold is also working to help reduce the harm done by overprescribing of drugs.

Wal-Mart has announced a new free prescription medicine disposal system that helps reduce some of the excess leftover medications that end up in the environment, or in medicine cabinets.

One More Drug Collection Day in 2017

Drug Take Back days are an important part of addiction prevention, because they remove drugs that can otherwise end up in the wrong hands.

The final day of collections for unwanted medications in Georgia is October 28, 2017. Read more about National Drug Take-Back Day in Georgia.

Overdose Awareness

Today is Overdose Awareness Day.

A simple phone call can save a life. Find out how, on this Drug Overdose Awareness Day.

Marijuana Legalization : Fortune or MisFortune?

Are we prepared to legalize marijuana in this country?
There is a lot of money in legal marijuana, but are we trading our long term health for short term profits?

10 Years of Growth of Drug Overdose Rates in America

We know drug use is up and deaths from drug overdose are up, but these colorful charts show us a decade of growth in all census segments of the US.
Overdose deaths per 100,000 people have been reported for the decade between 2000 and 2010, showing deaths from drug abuse is up across the board, with painkiller abuse leading the list, and heroin rising fast in somes states.

Change....the Law of Life

While change can be terrifying, it also strengthens us.
If change is to be expected, is there reliable, daily, "change" in our lives? Yes...

Have the Courage to Say No to Temptation

Think you already know all about temptation?

Can we learn to recognize temptation for what it is, and remind ourselves to do the right thing always.

REVIEW What is Failure?

Do you feel like you're a failure?
Is there really such a thing as failure?

Our Choices Determine Our Future

The choices we make determine our future, not the conditions forcing us to make choices.

A Dream Doesn't Become Reality Through Magic

If we really want our dreams to come true we need to be willing to work for them.
Achieving our dreams can take hard work and determination, but many dreams are possible.

Moving Out of our Comfort Zones... Doesn't have to be Uncomfortable

Growth can be uncomfortable, but is often worth every minute of experience. How do you move forward out of a bad situation?

Georgia AA 62nd Prepaid Convention in October

The Georgia Alcoholics Anonymous' 62nd prepaid convention is scheduled for October 16th to 18th, 2015 in Columbus, GA.
The Georgia Prepaid Convention in Columbus, GA Oct. 16 - 18, 2015 promises to be great fun for everyone while educating and encouraging attendees.

AA Annual Meeting 2015 Atlanta

Over 60,000 people are expected at the Alcoholics Anonymous International Convention in Atlanta, which in 2015 is also an 80th Birthday celebration.

Taking Responsibility

Another inspirational quote, this time on the importance of taking responsibility.
Responsibility is the popular subject in recovery meetings, and an important subject in substance abuse treatment.

Rob Lowe Celebrates 25 Years Sober

Rob Lowe celebrates 25 years of living sober... and he's still making movies. Do you remember the Atlanta scandal?
Actor Rob Lowe is celebrating 25 years of living sober, after he recognized he had a problem with alcoholism and sought treatment. But did you know he started his recovery in Atlanta?

Are You A Prisoner of Your Past?

Our past is not our future. The choices we make today will determine that.
It is the choices I make today that determine my future, not my past.

Until You Stop Breathing...

Inspirational quotes build hope, and remind us of lost perspectives.
No matter how bad things may seem, there's this simple truth. And it's inspirational.

A Dream is just a Dream. Unless...

It's so easy to dream, and we should dream. But we should also make some dreams come true.
Dreams are important, and dreams can come true. But most dreams require work, and a dream without a plan is not a very promising dream.

H.O.W. do I Move Forward in Recovery?

Honest, Open, and Willing is HOW you make progress in recovery!
Recovery is like a 3-step dance. You can do this if you just remember these three steps.

Focus on Progress Rather Than Perfection

When it all seems like too much, we benefit from a little change in perspective -- or focus.
Sometimes we need a reminder: as long as we concentrate on making each day the best day we can, perhaps with a plan, the future will take care of itself.

We all Stumble...

We are often our own worst critics... but don't need to be.
If life is like a dance, how can we expect to make every move perfectly? We're human. We stumble.

Are you your own Worst Enemy?

Khalil Gibran was very smart, and sometimes rather witty, too.

Too much pride or ego or conceit is not the same as learning to accept and eventually love yourself for who you are.

Your Courage is Waiting Inside of You

Is courage only available to a chosen few or is it available to all of us?

John Wayne taught me to believe "I have the ability to be courageous. All I need do is keep moving forward, even when I'm most afraid."

Motorcycle Riding for Stress : Better than Booze!

What do motorcycles have to do with alcoholism and recovery? You might immediately think of boozing, beer-slugging biker gangs from the old movies, or rowdy biker antics at Daytona Beach or Sturgis. But motorcycling is really about stress management, and living a full life.
Without the alcohol, how can we have any fun? That's a common complaint heard from individuals trying to understand alcohol dependency. It is also common among those in early recovery from addiction. With counseling and rehab, comes a new understanding of how to life a rich, full life without alcohol.