How did Buckhead get its Name?

How did Buckhead get it's name? We think we've figured it out.

The "northern fifth" of the City of Atlanta is known as Buckhead. The neighborhoods north of highways I-75 and I-85 are known collectively as the Buckhead Community or simply, Buckhead. As we established our substance abuse treatment center near Atlanta, we wondered, how did Buckhead get its name?

A Rancher, a Fence Post, and a Deer's Head?

Folk lore says... Buckhead got it's name because a local rancher placed the head of a male deer on a post, to signal the entrance to his ranch. That could explain the name "Buckhead". 

But, we weren't so quick to accept this folk lore as truth. So we looked at a map of the Greater Atlanta region, with Buckhead highlighted.

Then we thought, what if we emphasize the highways....

And then it hit us... look at those northern routes!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Sunrise Detox! 

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About Buckhead: Wikipedia lists "Buckhead" as the collective comprised of the following neighborhoods and communities: Ardmore, Argonne Forest, Arden/Habersham, Brookhaven, Buckhead Forest, Brandon, Brookwood, Brookwood Hills, Buckhead Forest, Buckhead Village, Castlewood, Channing Valley (including Memorial Park), Chastain Park, Collier Hills (including Brookwood Hills), Colonial Homes, East Chastain Park, Garden Hills, Haynes Manor, Historic Brookhaven, Kingswood, Lindbergh/Morosgo, Loring Heights, Margaret Mitchell, Mount Paran/Northside, Mount Paran Parkway, North Buckhead, Paces, Peachtree Heights East, Peachtree Heights West, Peachtree Hills, Peachtree Park, Pine Hills, Pleasant Hill, Randall Mill, Ridgedale Park, Springlake, South Tuxedo Park, Tuxedo Park, Underwood Hills, West Paces Ferry/Northside, Westminister/Milmar, West Peachtree Battle (also known as Wesley Battle), Whitewater Creek, Wildwood, Woodfield, and Wyngate.

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