Rob Lowe Celebrates 25 Years Sober

Rob Lowe celebrates 25 years of living sober... and he's still making movies. Do you remember the Atlanta scandal?
Actor Rob Lowe, living successfully as a celebrity, without alcohol

Actor Rob Lowe is proudly celebrating his 25th year of living sober. Rob is an original member of a Hollywood "Brat Pack", having moved there as a teen to live next door to the Sheen family. He was best friends with both Charlie Sheen, Charlie's brother Emilio Estevez,  and Robert Downey Jr.. The brat pack substance abuse started with beers on-set at age 15, and developed into a wild life that was epic even by Hollywood celebrity standards.

Hollywood Life with Drugs, Alcohol

Many members of the original Brat Pack are infamous for drug and alcohol addictions. Both Robert Downey Jr. and Charlie Sheen have lived lives in and out of rehab, with various degrees of success in recovery. The Sheen family has been very public about their struggles with alcohol across generations, and Charlie Sheen's drug use has been well-documented.

Yet Rob Lowe is now proudly 25 years sober, and still making movies. He says he went into treatment for alcohol abuse on his own volition, after realizing he had a problem. In Atlanta.

Rob Lowe and Atlanta

Few know the connection between Rob Lowe, alcohol rehab, and Atlanta.

Rob Lowe has always been interested in politics and activism. As a successful actor involved in activism and politics, Lowe visited Atlanta for the Democratic National Convention. After hours, out on the town, he met two women while partying and he carried on with them into the night. The two women were lesbian, and they entertained Lowe while he recorded a home video sex tape. One of the girls was only 16 though, and Lowe was later targeted in a law suit initiated by the girl's mother.

When Core Values are Threatened...

The sex-tape scandal rocked Lowe's life, damaging his political ties and ambitions. That was what made him go into rehab.

According to Lowe, many actors go to Hollywood seeking something they are missing in their lives. The drive, ambition, acting abilities and charisma can bring Hollywood success, but success doesn't satisfy the real needs. He himself was confused and unhappy, even when successful, but found satisfaction in leveraging his celebrity for activist causes. As a celebrity, he had what politicians wanted. That gave him access to politics in ways that enabled him to make a real difference in the world.

He says the real world fallout from his alcohol-fueled evening, which cost him the parts of his celebrity life that he valued the most, made him check in to rehab.

Living Well without Alcohol

If anyone knows how to live a full and fun life without alcohol, it must be Rob Lowe. He broke away from the Brat Pack insanity all the way back in 1990, yet remains friends with both Charlie Sheen and Robert Downey Jr. (although he admitted in an interview that he doesn't party with them very much, or very hard). According to Lowe, "We're not the last ones to leave the party any more".

Rob Lowe says that in order to live well sober, you have to change the way you have fun. We agree. It's not impossible, and very much worth doing. Rob has clearly done that, and succeeded.

by AddictionAwareness on May 11, 2015, 5:20 p.m.


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