WalMart DisposeRx Free Prescription Medicine Disposal Gel

We think it's great to hear another company that profits in proportion to the volume of drugs sold is also working to help reduce the harm done by overprescribing of drugs.

Wal-Mart Dispose RX packet photo
Dispose Rx packet

Another Way to Dispose of Unwanted Drugs

Wal-Mart has announced a new free prescription medicine disposal system that helps reduce some of the excess leftover medications that end up in the environment, or in medicine cabinets. Unused medicines left behind in medicine cabinets represent a continuing public danger, because they often end up abused, taken by mistake, or sold into the black market for illegal street drugs.

adding water to Dispose Rx powder in pill bottle to make gel
Add DisposeRx to bottle

Dispose Rx for Safe Disposal of Pharmaceuticals

The Wal-Mart product is named "Dispose Rx".

Dispose Rx is a packet that can be emptied into a pill bottle containing unwanted pills. When warm water is added, the powder forms a gel, which consumes the pills or tablets, and then cures (hardens) inside the bottle. The pills are expected to be rendered useless once engulfed into the hardened gel. According to Wal-Mart, the resulting filled-in pill bottle can then be thrown into the trash.

Walm-Mart Dispose Rx gel photo
The gel consumes the pills

Great for Opioids and Painkillers, and More

DisposeRx can be used with any medications, although the biggest interest right now is associated with prescription opioids, such as prescription pain killers made from oxycodone, hydrocodone, and other commonly abused (and believed to be addicting) medicines.

The utility and effectiveness of Dispose Rx remains to be seen. We look forward to hearing reports of how very effective it is, and accepted by the public as a safe and convenient way to keep unwanted / unneeded medications out of the environment, and away from the illicit drug trade.

Wal-Mart Dispose Rx infographic
Wal-Mart's DisposeRx Infographic

Don't Forget about Drug Take Back Days

Drug Take Back Days are also very effective way to reduce the threat of unused, excess medications.

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